Turner Farms became a Registered Black Angus farm in October of 1996 with the purchase of seven black Angus cows. From that time in the last twenty years the farm has grown to include about 90 mama cows, three herd bull sires, and their offspring.

We are a family owned and operated farm with a goal to raise quality black Angus cattle for breeding stock, having an emphasis on calving ease, growth, carcass, and docility.

Our family farm help consists of Jon and Mary Ann (also called PaPa and Da), Matthew and Jennifer (along with Briley and Laurie), and Andrew. It takes all of us to keep the farm running.

We have a fall calving herd and a spring calving herd. We breed to higher accuracy AI sires- synchronizing, watching heat, and doing the AI work ourselves. We normally watch and do a second AI before turning in one of our herd bulls for clean up.

Our newest herd bull, Briarwood Top Game 6013, was purchased March 19, 2017 from Briarwood Farms. He has been turned in with our Spring cows (following AI) and we are eagerly waiting to see his calves in the spring of 2018.

Our other two herd bulls are Coon 209 Gusto 411 and Briarwood Mr Bismarck 5014, both heifer bulls.